A Mew to a Kill

Leighann Dobbs

A Mew to a Kill Book Cover
A Mew to a Kill Mystic Notch Mysteries #3 Mystery Kindle 334 pages http://www.leighanndobbs.com/books/a-mew-to-a-kill/

When the ghost of a murder victim appears in Last Chance Books, Middle-aged bookstore owner, Willa Chance, must find the ghost’s killer or risk being haunted with it’s unwanted advice forever.

Too bad the ghost suffers from amnesia and only has a few scant clues as to the identity of the killer. That’s okay, though, because Willa has a pretty good idea who did it … until her investigation turns up additional suspects with curious motives.

Meanwhile her cat, Pandora, is on the hunt for a mystical kitten that the cats of Mystic Notch must bring into the fold before the kitten is enticed to the side of evil by a powerful foe.

When Willa’s own life is threatened, she enters into a race against time to figure out the identity of the killer before he comes back to finish the job.

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