Kimbra Swain

First Flame

Kimbra Swain

First Flame Book Cover
First Flame Stories of Frost and Fire #1 Fantasy Kindle 190 pages

Wynonna Riggs, daughter of Grace Ann Bryant, travels to the bay city of Steelshore with a group of colleagues to track down the fairy trafficking activities of their unknown enemy. While there, Winnie finds that trafficking isn’t the only crime being committed by fairies. A group of Sandhedrin threatens to eradicate the fairies in Steelshore including Winnie herself despite the consequences of pissing off her Fairy Queen mother.

A battle brews between fairy factions inside Steelshore which bubbles over into Winnie’s investigation. She’s drawn into the dispute, and the life of a new friend hangs in the balance.

Winne focuses on the job while back home trouble is brewing for her best friend, Mark Maynard, Alpha of the Shady Grove pack. She has to choose between her friends at home or her new duties in Steelshore. One thing is for sure, someone will burn. It’s just a question whether it will be Winnie’s enemies or will her own fire burn out?