Pam Stucky

Pam Stucky

Death at Glacier Lake (March 2017)

Wendy Grace Mysteries

X Marks the Murder (April 2021)

Megan Montaigne Mysteries

Final Chapter (February 2018)

A Conventional Murder (January 2019)

The Caramel Crow (May 2019)

Sent to Death (June 2020)

Balky Point Adventures

The Universes Inside the Lighthouse (November 2014)

The Secret of the Dark Galaxy Stone (May 2016)

The Planet of Memory Thieves (August 2018)

The Perils of the Infinite Task (January 2020)

The WishingRock Series

Letters from Wishing Rock (March 2011)

The Wishing Rock Theory of Life (March 2012)

Wishing Rock Recipes (June 2013)

The Tides of Wishing Rock (October 2017)

Pam on the Map

Ireland (October 2013)

Switzerland (October 2013

Iceland (December 2013)

Seattle Day Trips (September 2017)

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