Fanfiction Reading Challenge

Sometimes I read fanfiction, but I have a tendency to be picky and to only read for one specific fandom. Now, I want to try to change that and step outside of my comfort zone. This list will be all of the fanfiction that I read ongoing.

Harry Potter (Book)

I don’t read a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction as it is hard for me to read about them as adults – I don’t like the OC pairings. These drabbles are quick and fun to read.

Census by Stonecreek

FanFiction by FloreatCastellum

I have been trying to remember the one Harry Potter fanfiction that I had read where the story was told from Ginny’s point of view. I believe this is the one.

Not From Others by FloreatCastellum

Canon and Post-Canon Fics

FloreatCastellum on

FloreatCastellum on Archive of Our Own

Law & Order: SVU (TV)

I have always liked the idea of Olivia and Elliot getting together, but this is the first fanfiction I have read from SVU.

Yours by writingtoreachyou

Mine by writingtoreachyou

Sea Patrol (TV)

This is a fanfiction written by a friend of mine, about a television show I had never heard of, and I loved it.

Officer of the Watch by somebodysangel and GriffinWolf

Other Stories by Somebody’s Dark Angel

Stargate SG1

I found dietcokechic by accident one day in 2018 and enjoyed reading her take on the characters from Stargate. She does a great job of getting their voices right, and her original character really fits into the story. She won a few awards for her Barista series and also for the Seven Days story. She hasn’t written anything since 2017, but I keep hoping she will write again.

Barista Series by dietcokechic

The Assistant Series by dietcokechic

Other Stories by dietcokechic

  • 17 stories, including Barista and The Assistant – 165 total chapters

Crossover: Buffy and Supernatural

Synchronicity by Authoressinhiding

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