Kindle Unlimited Reading Challenge

I just signed up for Kindle Unlimited (actually I have a few subscription for a few months) and so I just have to try out this challenge (and see if I will use it enough to continue the subscription). My goal is 12 books, because that seems like a good number to start with.

Completed Reading

Read a book from my kindle unlimited recommendations.

​Read a book with a character that works in a book store or library.

Read a new to you author.

Read a book about an animal

Planned Reading

Read an author of color.

  • Angelfall by Susan EE

Read a book where a murder is solved.

  • Say You’re Sorry by Melinda Leigh

Read a book in a series.

  • Nine Years (Beneath the Clouds Book 1) by Jessica Leed

Read a book with a dating app.

  • My Kind of Perfect by K.L. Jessop

Read a retelling – Twelve Dancing Princesses

  • A Dance of Silver and Shadow by Melanie Cellier

Read a romance with a pregnant heroine.

  • The (Secret) Baby by Leddy Harper

Read a book with a funny title.

  • Lift and Separate by Marilyn Simon Rothstein

Read a book over 500 pages.

  • The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

Read a book of your choice.

  • It All Comes Back to You by Beth Duke
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