Purrfect Reading Challenge



When I found this challenge combining cats and mysteries, I knew it had to go on my list. It is a simple challenge – read books where a cat is a main character and the genre is mystery.

Instead of reading this as a challenge for the year of 2020, I think I am going to make it an ongoing challenge. I can’t read just one, so over time, I am going to read them all*

*all being a flexible word to mean all that I find interesting…

January 1, 2020: I realized as I looked at this list that I did not include Joe Grey. Trust me, I have read all of the books of the series and have recently discovered that the series has ended. Joe Grey has been added to the bottom of the list, although he will always be first in my heart.

Mystic Notch by Leighann Dobbs

  1. Ghostly Paws – read 4/18/2018
  2. A Spirited Tail – read 10/23/2019
  3. A Mew to A Kill – read 1/4/2020
  4. Paws and Effect – read 6/2/2021
  5. Probable Paws – read 6/2/2021
  6. Whisker of a Doubt – read 6/3/2021
  7. Wrong Side of the Claw – read 6/3/2021

Joe Grey Mysteries by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

  1. Cat on the Edge (1996) -read
  2. Cat Under Fire (1996) -read
  3. Cat Raise the Dead (1997) -read
  4. Cat in the Dark (1998) -read
  5. Cat To The Dogs (1999) -read
  6. Cat Spitting Mad (2000) -read
  7. Cat Laughing Last (2001) -read
  8. Cat Seeing Double (2003) -read
  9. Cat Fear No Evil (2004) -read
  10. Cat Cross Their Graves (2005) -read
  11. Cat Breaking Free (2005) -read
  12. Cat Pay the Devil (2007) -read
  13. Cat Deck the Halls (2007) -read
  14. Cat Playing Cupid (2009) -read
  15. Cat Striking Back (2009) -read
  16. Cat Coming Home (2010) -read
  17. Cat Telling Tales (2011) -read
  18. Cat Bearing Gifts (2012) -read
  19. Cat Shout for Joy (2016) -read
  20. Cat Shining Bright (2018) -read
  21. Cat Chase the Moon (2018) -last in the series -read
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