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I love reading challenges and for several years I have sporadically participated in reading challenges on Goodreads. For 2020, I have decided to basically do my own thing. Some of the challenges are from other creators and are noted as such. The remainder of the challenges are created by me, for me, based upon my reading habits and the goals I want to achieve in 2020.

I approach each challenge by planning out the books for the prompts. When I get to the reading, I will most likely read those books, but I also give myself the freedom to change the book on the fly, based upon what I actually read, and what I feel like reading.

As I read books I will be adding them to the blog. At this point, I am not writing reviews, but that might change in the future.

January 1, 2021: 2020 was one of those years that seemed like it lasted forever, and yet as it ends there are so many things I wanted to do but never seemed to have the time or energy. This is one of them. I am removing the year from all of the challenges, and will continue to complete readings as I can. No matter how many years it takes.

About Me

I am a mom of 2 grown kids, 2 cats, and a husband.

I am the senior accountant for a managed IT services provider.

I enjoy reading, watching movies but TV not so much, spending time with my family, and playing Star Trek Online, Sims 4, Lord of the Rings Online, Wizard 101, and Civilization VI.

I have enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember. As a child, I remember reaching the point where I would stand in the pantry and read the backs of cans and boxes. I read my mom’s books, and then I discovered the “free” books at the library. Of course, there were the books to check out and return. But, they also had a table full of romance books, which could be checked out and did not have to be returned. My collection grew once I realized the books were mine once I took them home. Of course, that means I started off reading Harlequin Romances long before I was old enough to drive.

From the library I found science fiction and fantasy. Those I had to return but there was something about science fiction and fantasy that I loved. After science fiction and fantasy I discovered mysteries and thrillers.

One thing I realized is that each new genre wasn’t replacing an existing one, but was just adding to what I would read. There are so many books, so little time.

Guilty Secret: I probably enjoy choosing the books for each challenge and each prompt more than I like reading the books. And I love reading!

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