Kimbra Swain

Kimbra Swain

Trailerverse (series)

Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen

Bless Your Heart, Book One, 12/6/2017 -read 4/30/2019

Tinsel in a Tangle, Book Two, 12/11/2017 -read 5/1/2019

Snake in the Grass, Book Three, 1/17/2018 -read 5/2/2019

Comin’ Up a Cloud, Book Four, 4/5/2018 -read 5/2/2019

Gully Washer, Book Five, 5/23/2018 -read 5/3/2019

Moonshine in a Mason Jar, Book Six, 5/31/2018 -read 5/4/2019

Hotter Than Blue Blazes, Book Seven, 6/29/2018 -read 5/4/2019

Sight for Sore Eyes, Book Eight, 8/30/2018 -read 5/5/2019

Haint Blue, Book Nine, 10/3/2018 -read 5/5/2019

Fuller Than a Tick, Book Ten, 11/22/2018 -read 5/6/2019

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed, Book Eleven, 2/11/2019 -read 5/6/2019

Suck It Up, Buttercup, Book Twelve, 4/1/2019 -read 5/7/2019

Fit to Be Tied, Book Thirteen, 6/7/2019 -read 6/9/2019

Pitchin’ A Hissy Fit, Book Fourteen, 8/15/2019 -read 9/2/2019

Amazing Grace, Book Fifteen, 9/10/2019 -read 9/10/2019

Stories of Frost and Flame

First Flame, SOFAF Book One, 11/29/2019 -read 1/4/2020

Second Sight, SOFAF Book Two, 2/4/2020

Triple Threat, SOFAF, Book Three, 8/24/2020

Quartet of Queens, SOFAF Book Four

Final Flight, SOFAF Book Five

Dog River Wolfpack

Bad Moon Rising, DRW Book One, 12/31/2019

Midnight Rider, DRW Book Two, 5/17/2020

Flirtin’ With Disaster, DRW Book Three, 10/19/2020

Born on the Bayou, DRW Book Four

Simple Man, DRW Book Five

A Trailerverse Novel

Never to Wonder, ATN Book One, 7/25/2020

One of the Pack, ATN Book Two

Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen on Amazon

Stories of Frost and Flame on Amazon

Dog River Wolfpack

There are so many books and Kimbra keeps popping out. I started reading these when I was looking for a trailer park based book for another reading challenge, and I just never left.