Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah

The Four Winds, 2021 -read February 2021

The Great Alone, 2018 -read July 2018

The Nightingale, 2015 -read August 2015

Fly Away, 2013 -read March 2014

Home Front, 2012 -read November 2017

Night Road, 2011 -read March 2011

Winter Garden, 2010 -read April 2014

True Colors, 2009 -read October 2017

Firefly Lane, 2008 -read March 2013

Magic Hour, 2006 -read February 2013

Comfort & Joy, 2005 -read March 2014

The Things We Do For Love, 2004 -read Sept 2017

Between Sisters, 2003 -read March 2013

Distant Shores, 2002 -read September 2017

Summer Island, 2001 -read September 2017

Angel Falls, 2000 -read February 2013

On Mystic Lake, 1999 -read March 2011

Home Again, 1996 -read April 2014

Waiting For The Moon, 1995

When Lightning Strikes, 1994

If You Believe, 1993

Once In Every Life, 1992

The Enchantment, 1992 -out of print

A Handful Of Heaven, 1991 -out of print

Kristin Hannah on Amazon

Kristin is at the top of the list of my favorite authors. As is obvious, I have read all of her books on Kindle. I own in paperback most of her older novels but I have not read them because I can’t remember where they are. They used to be on one bookcase, which we replaced with a wine rack, and now I can’t remember where the books landed. And, I haven’t looked for them as reading physical books strains my eyes and triggers migraines.