Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Joe Grey Mysteries (series)

Cat on the Edge (1996) -read

Cat Under Fire (1996) -read

Cat Raise the Dead (1997) -read

Cat in the Dark (1998) -read

Cat To The Dogs (1999) -read

Cat Spitting Mad (2000) -read

Cat Laughing Last (2001) -read

Cat Seeing Double (2003) -read

Cat Fear No Evil (2004) -read

Cat Cross Their Graves (2005) -read

Cat Breaking Free (2005) -read

Cat Pay the Devil (2007) -read

Cat Deck the Halls (2007) -read

Cat Playing Cupid (2009) -read

Cat Striking Back (2009) -read

Cat Coming Home (2010) -read

Cat Telling Tales (2011) -read

Cat Bearing Gifts (2012) -read

Cat Shout for Joy (2016) -read

Cat Shining Bright (2018) -read

Cat Chase the Moon (2018) -last in the series -read

I have loved Joe Grey for so many years and while I am sad that the series is done, I am so thankful that Shirley Rousseau Murphy kept his story alive for so many years.

Because of Shirley’s advancing age and health problems, Cat Chase the Moon (#21) is the last of the Joe Grey books. She hopes you will enjoy re-reading them. (Shirley was 92 years old on May 28, 2020.)

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